Welcome to this Sunday Service.

When you plant a seed or make a loaf of bread, do you just sit and watch it grow for hours? Your spiritual journey is a process of manifesting and growing your good in both your inner and outer reality. So stop waiting and follow the steps!

In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no such thing as waiting. In every present moment, you are always being presented with your next step forward along your spiritual path. So if you feel like you are waiting for something, there is probably some reluctance to taking the next step you are being invited to take.

What you desire is already One with you. All you need to do is deepen into the feeling of it already being yours and have faith that it’s manifesting.

Love is a fast-moving energy that never stops, nor hesitates. So there is no need to waste your life waiting for what’s coming next. You can enjoy yourself all along your journey and trust that God is always providing you with the next piece to help you manifest your perfect life, purpose and partner.