Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you desire to marry your beloved Twin Flame? Not only has the way been paved for you through Twin Flame Ascension School, but this week, you can celebrate the marriage of José and Michaila, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union!

At the deepest core of our being, we all desire true love. True love is the love that never leaves and is the love that grows and expands with you in every area of your shared lives. This love is completely real. You share this love with your Twin Flame; the person created to be your best friend, teacher, student, partner and lover. Twin Flame Ascension School teaches you exactly how to heal all your blocks to live life as one with your Twin Flame and this is exactly what José and Michaila have done. In this week’s sermon, we celebrate not only their wedding, but their mastery in applying the teachings of Unionism to build the most unshakeable foundation for their eternal life together. Join us to give thanks for their dedication to the journey and take faith that this is for you too!