Welcome to this Sunday Service.

We all enjoy living richly and abundantly, but why can it seem difficult to maintain a steady flow of wealth in our lives despite our best efforts? This week’s eye-opening sermon delivers the shift in awareness we need to have the life of our dreams!

When it comes to our spiritual journey of healing, sometimes it can be easy to focus only on one area such as relationships or career. In truth our consciousness is vast and extends and interacts with every single aspect of our lives. Learning to attract and manifest wealth sustainably means taking a holistic approach to healing poverty. As co-creators of our reality, our bodies, relationships, wealth and careers are all giving us indications of where healing is required. If we feel bad, we are not fully aligning to love and this is the place that needs healing and love. Unionism provides us with the tools to heal any place of misalignment within our consciousness and this process builds a stable foundation for our wealth. Your choice to heal is powerful, so get ready to claim your divine wealth!