Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you sometimes feel lost and alone while facing the greatest challenges of your life? Do you sometimes struggle to see the light inside the tunnel that guides you throughout your experience and feelings? Don’t worry! God is there, and has always been by your side, full of faith, love, and light for you and Humanity.

We tend to consider our spiritual journey as a succession of heights and hide from God and ourselves when we are in pain. We tend to conceive ascension as a great permanent and inalterable high sensation, neglecting the challenges, feelings, and upsets that arise along the way. By walking the ascension path with the teachings of Union, and applying the Mirror exercise, we bring love and God in our everyday lives. Then, we realize that God is always there, in His great and infinite patience, faith and love, only waiting for us to invite Him, not only to our celebration parties, but also into our dark and fearful cave, ready to provide support and light, as he did when he brought Jesus into the world.