Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Are you currentlty experiencing an episode of intense suffering and pain in your life? Do you wonder what is happening to you and how you can heal through it? Are you actively searching for answers? Did you ask for a great change in your life at any level? If so, you could be experiencing a dark night of the soul.

We usually tend to build our lives on illusions, based on what others and society expect of us. But once we make the call of truly being ourselves and living our true life, the call is heard and we start experiencing a lot of contrast between truth and illusion. Every foundation based on truth will remain, and everything based on an illusion will dissolve, and that is the moment when we might feel our lives are shaken up, but the pain itself is not necessary. So the less we resist the change we actually claim, the less we suffer, and the more we enjoy our journey toward our true Divine Self, Life and Harmonious Union with our true Twin Flame.