Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Are you struggling with the process of ascension? Are you tired of getting back to the basics once again? Do you want to feel more at ease on your spiritual journey?

The ascension path is about our relationship with God and with ourselves. Ascension is about raising our vibration, which means realizing our true divine self and getting into perfect Union with God. This spiritual journey is about coming into a lifestyle where we are living with God. As we practice our inner work with persistence and consistency, we are growing into spiritual maturity. This lays the foundations for our perfect life and Perfect Union with God and our Twin Flame. Therefore it’s important to seek and find joy in the learning and practice of the Teachings of Union. It’s the only way to ensure us to be able to maintain and repeat the effort every time God presents us with the next step. Our spiritual success towards Perfect Union requires a lot, therefore success depends on our ability to enjoy the process.