Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you feel a lack of tools and space when it comes to mental healing and wellness? Do you feel that injunction to get well, to feel better while you struggle to find a way through depression and anxiety? Do you feel the desire for a profound change in your life and to feel supported on your journey?

We usually share the desire to feel better at the core, but when it comes to mental health and wellbeing, our society still lacks tools and space to welcome and help cure those who are willing and committed to heal and grow throughout depression, anxiety and life-long traumas. We can observe that mental health is more and more discussed and taken into account in today’s society. Nevertheless, unlike fiscal care, we usually encounter a great void beyond the injunction of getting better and fixing ourselves. Finding the Teachings of Union and going through life, traumas and everyday upsets with the Mirror Exercice as a tool is a great life-changer for all who find the boldness to take the first step towards who they really are; their Divine self.