Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you fear death? Can you see life and death experiences as the manifestation of God’s existence in your life, offering you gifts of healing and love? What if that gift would be the experience and awareness of our Oneness?

Separation consciousness is believing that you are separate from God and your Twin Flame, but it is also feeling separation from your brothers and sisters, friends, neighbours, colleagues, team mates and even that person sitting next to you in the metro. Some instances and profound experiences in life, such as closeness to death, offer us the gift of the awareness that we share much more than blood, memories, time, passions, workplace or a seat in a public transport. In these moments, we experience our Oneness. Let’s figure our consciousness as a box of thoughts that we all share in such a way that as we heal ourselves, thought by thought, we purify not only ourselves, but our collective consciousness and help the world grow, expand and change.