Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you struggle to feel grateful for the life you are currently living? How would it feel to see the gifts held in your current challenges, circumstances and desires? You don’t have to wait to start walking your spiritual journey in peace and happiness.

Before spiritual awakening, we may tend to feel ungrateful for who we are and what we have. We may think that life is unfair to us and to focus more on the lack of what we would like to be part of our reality, than the everyday gifts and miracles. This attitude and mentality would be a very painful way to live our lives and prevent our good to emerge and multiply itself in our reality. Being truly grateful doesn’t mean to love the problem, but to see them as opportunities to learn, heal and grow throughout our most difficult circumstances. Challenges are God loving us and showing us the way to our True Divine Self and Perfect Life in Twin Flame Harmonious Union. Gratitude is the highest form of love.