Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you sometimes feel drained and empty? Do you feel forced to give to others or to do something in order to feel loved? How can you bring more balance in your relationships? How can you feel safe to give and receive in your Twin Flame Harmonious Union?

We are convinced that we have to do something in order to be loved, but as we walk the path of our Twin Flame journey, guided by the Teachings of Union, we learn that the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine have their own energy, and we can relax in our perfect role and flow as we heal our relationship patterns and traumas. Once we start healing our relationship dynamics, we realize that our energy comes from God and that we can feel free and safe to share, give and receive from our Twin Flame. We feel a deep relief and connection within ourselves and a deep sense of Union with God and our Twin Flame, as we embrace our true Divine self and role and as we move through life from that place of peace.