Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you spend your life and energy seeking perfection? What about loving yourself in every crack and fissure with a loving golden glue? What do you think can come out of such a gentle and compassionate way of living and walking your spiritual path? How would it feel to consider your imperfections as your unique gift?

The search for perfection is an illusion. Our imperfections are what makes us unique and loveable for who we truly are. It is safe to love and value ourselves while facing the challenges on our spiritual journey, because the love we will give to ourselves to get our pieces together is precisely what will convert us into a whole unique masterpiece. We can feel weak and broken in some places, but those feelings don’t define us. It’s the love that we give ourselves while healing and transcending the obstacles, that will magnify and extend the beauty within, revealing our true Divine self and attracting our Harmonious Twin Flame Union as a result of us finally embodying our perfect nature.