Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you want to discover the key to your greatest desires? Do you want to learn how to attract your Harmonious Twin Flame Union in the most effective, joyful and compassionate way? If you want to find out how to create the life you really desire, then tune in to this week’s sermon!

Manifesting our desires can be draining and discouraging if we focus on worrying instead of having faith. But it can be a beautiful and energetic journey if we choose faith over fear, and choose to cultivate happiness within ourselves along the way. Neither focusing on the big mountain nor making our joy depend on something external will help us, but trust, faith and confidence will. In the week’s sermon, we’re invited to let go of control over what our journey looks like on the outside, and to trust that whatever we desire is already here. The only thing we are required to do is to relax, listen, and be open to God’s guidance. Then, without noticing, overthinking, or worrying, we will be there, living our perfect life in Harmonious Twin Flame Union.