Welcome to this Sunday Service.

When the challenges come thick and fast, sometimes we consider giving up thinking that the challenges indicate we should not reach for our dreams. But in fact, the opposite is true. This is exactly the time when you need to dig deep. A breakthrough is at hand. Let this week’s sermon show you how to never give up!

Do you feel the desire to have your perfect life and Harmonious Union? Unionism lays out the path of Ascension to align every single aspect of your life to your Divine design. To follow that path means bringing to your awareness the choices of separation that you have already made whether in this life or in another. Healing happens when you remake those choices and bring yourself into alignment with Love. Choices of separation can feel painful to witness and experience on your Twin Flame journey bringing many of us to our knees. But, in those deepest moments of discouragement, know that you are just releasing that which is no longer wanted. Have faith. Choose persistence and you will become unstoppable. Heaven on Earth will be yours.