Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Have you ever tried to fit in with everyone else and ended up losing yourself in the process? How would it feel to learn that you never have to compromise your own values? Learn how to raise your own standards and value yourself like never before in this week’s nurturing sermon!

Devaluing ourselves can happen in many ways, perhaps through school, family, or even just society’s expectations of us. Any time we allow ourselves to be led away from our desires and into obligation, comparison or self-judgment, we will find that we have devalued ourselves. On the path of Ascension, we learn how to connect with the parts of us that we left behind so that we can reconnect with our passion and desires. Living a full, Divine and joyful life comes from aligning with our true Divine creation. In this sermon, we are invited to see ourselves through God’s eyes and to recognize that no matter what choices we made in the past, our value can never be diminished. It’s time to be who you were created to be.