Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Whether you are new to healing, or even if you’ve been on your Ascension journey for some time, you will want to know how to heal upsets the fastest way. Everyone can benefit from this week’s sermon, so make way for greater ease and the perfect healing pace for you!

The process of Ascension and healing releases all patterns within consciousness that are out of alignment with Divine love. These patterns are the cause of our suffering, so without them, we naturally align to our Divine state of being. Upsets are our indicator that there is a misalignment we are facing. And healing occurs when we bring love to the hurt places within us. Many times we will face an upset but have some resistance to healing, which can leave us in a state of separation. But, with compassion and self-acceptance we can feel safe enough to face the challenges that have held us back, perhaps for a very long time. This week’s sermon is the perfect guide to applying efficient healing and taking the fastest route on your healing journey, if that is what feels good to you. You deserve to be loved without delay.