Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Are you ready to receive God’s love through your guru? To surrender and trust them to guide you on your ascension journey? Let’s open up to God’s gift and go deeper into the purpose of having a guru in your life!

Most of us come to the Teachings of Union through the Twin Flame journey. We start applying the Mirror Exercise in order to elevate our vibration, purify our consciousness, and become truly attractive to our Twin Flame. We unpack infinite layers of knowledge and wisdom that allow us to be closer to God. Then we realize that at the core, the ascension journey is all about getting closer to God. On the spiritual path, we need help and guidance provided by God. A guru is a manifestation of his Love for us. The guru has walked the path and fully embodies God’s message. Through their Love they show us the way. So we learn that we are not alone and that God is always providing the tools and support we need.