Welcome to this Sunday Service.

No doubt we’ve all experienced relationships that don’t feel good to us. However, learning the right way to place a boundary, and when to do it, can be liberating for everyone involved. This week, our sermon teaches you how.

Whether you are on the Twin Flame journey or not, you may have experienced being blocked on social media or perhaps you’ve had a relationship where your personal and emotional space has been invaded on a regular basis. This week’s sermon has the answer! Adam and Breann teach us this week with easy to relate to examples from their own experiences, and they show us that it all starts with knowing ourselves. When we understand that we are created divinely, we can feel safe to honour our feelings and choose to act only from a place of peace. Learning how and when to place boundaries in a loving way releases us from feeling trapped and powerless, and enables our relationships to reveal a deepening into love or to fall away if they no longer serve us.