Welcome to this Sunday Service.

With society and social media placing impossible standards on us for intelligence, wealth, beauty, health etc. it can feel really bad when we don’t meet that criteria. But, have you ever stopped to question where all this comparison is stemming from? Does it actually feel good? If you’re open to the idea of changing your self-perception then this is the perfect sermon for you, join us to discover more!

We tend to grow up and from the very beginning we are shown, perhaps not overtly, that we are not enough as we are. Generally someone else tends to be better than us at something or they are better-looking in some way. It can feel very upsetting when we are exposed to the reality that we need to fix or mould ourselves into something other than who we are. In fact, we can even lose and reject ourselves in the process. The sermon this week helps us to uncover the reason behind this concept of comparison so that we can determine if it’s helping us or not. Once we know what creates comparison, we can make a new choice and align with the Divine truth. In that new and loving space, we can feel the relief of simply receiving everything that we thought was lacking. That’s the way to deep inner-peace.