Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Many of us are taught to believe that loving means putting others before ourselves. But, is it actually loving to sacrifice your own needs or to push through even when you’re tired and depleted? If we were to stop and feel our true feelings, would it actually feel good? The answer to this and so much more can be found in this week’s powerful sermon!

There is a natural harmony in Creation. When we understand how to align with it, not only do we feel supported and at ease, but we can build confidence and trust that God really has got this! The Teachings of Unionism play such an important part in introducing us to the foundation of Divine Order in our lives. With the clarity of this Divine Order, we can feel liberated and no longer waste our time and energy over-extending ourselves for a temporary sense of fulfilment. Aligning to the Divine Order of Creation is where we meet our full-selves. And it is in this place that we can learn to truly give and receive Divine love both effortlessly and meaningfully.