Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Have you ever noticed that when imagining your greatest dream or desire it comes with a heaviness or sad feeling? For many of us we take that to mean our dream is impossible and we give up. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! Find out how to move past that feeling and into a whole new level of manifestation in this week’s sermon!

Just like José and Michaila, many of us have dreamed a big dream like owning our very own perfect house. But with big dreams comes big resistance. And this is the place where many people simply stop and give up. This uplifting sermon shows us that resistance is simply the next block or the barrier to the manifestation, but not the end destination. Now, with Jeff and Shaleia’s Teachings of Union, you too can easily move through the blocks and barriers until they all melt away. This is what’s called a “vibrational journey” helping you to align to your dream destination. Manifesting big dreams like Harmonious Twin Flame Union or your dream home is a vibrational journey that can take a little time. So make the choice to enjoy the process, be patient and never ever settle for less than your version of your perfect life. God placed the dream in your heart because you are meant to have it.