Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Despite our best intentions, many of us have experienced the disappointment of seeing our best laid out plans fail to get off the ground. In this week’s sermon, it’s time to release old patterns and to embrace the secure way to build a life that continues to improve year after year.

In the past we may have tried to reach for our dreams but from a foundation of fear, mistrust and frustration. Repeated disappointment lead us to numb out and shut down, but rather than do that, with the teachings of Unionism, we can now learn how to move past everything that previously appeared to be in our way and into a life built on peace and security. This Divine foundation is what you were created to experience. With this foundation, you are finally free to follow your heart because it is guiding you to the Good you were designed to have. It is yours right now; all it takes is the willingness to uproot the fear. All the support you could ever need is here for you, will you take that first step?