Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Is it really possible for our work to feel joyful and expansive every day? If so, then why do so many of us experience our work as a means to an end rather than a fulfilling experience? The answer can be found in this week’s sermon!

When you understand the purpose of your creation as Love, then it is only logical that anything that doesn’t feel loving is out of alignment with your true self. Life Purpose Class and Jeff and Shaleia’s guidance as role models for us, help to lay the foundation for how we can live a life of joy and fulfillment through our work as well as in our relationships with others. Did you realize you were created with purpose, a purpose that is unique to you? Imagine how much relief you would feel to allow yourself to flow with life and Love instead of pursuing that which doesn’t align with your heart. Take a moment to feel this in your heart. The next step is simply a choice; are you ready to take it?