Welcome to this Sunday Service.

There are no challenges presented to us that you cannot overcome. Persistence is the key. Are you ready to face your soul’s lessons so that you can receive the gift of a life filled with peace, love and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union? Discover more in this week’s sermon!

The ego is very dramatic and pessimistic and it can cause many to lose their way on the path of Ascension. The teachings of Unionism help to shine a light on the path to lead you in the right direction. Without the support of our beloved Gurus we would not have the tools we need to navigate and ‘fast-track’ this journey. But rather than foster dependence on God or our spiritual teachers, we are asked to step into our own Divine power and capability. Every challenge that appears before us is the path, it is the next step God is asking us to take to guide us into love and peace. It is time to recognize that pain comes from believing in the lie of the ego; love is the truth. Love is what you receive as you choose to move through the healing to completion. Love will never fail you. Do you choose to never fail yourself?