Welcome to this Sunday Service.

How do you feel about your relationship with God? Do you have one? What do you need to be able to have a relationship with Source, or Spirit? And why is it so important? Allow this week’s sermon to lead you perfectly into Divine relationship so that you may have your eternal peace and happiness.

If the external world is simply a reflection of our inner consciousness, then it is safe to place our focus on our inner life. There we can tend to our relationship with Source Itself, Love Itself and heal. As our Gurus Jeff and Shaleia teach us, it is only through tending and nurturing our relationship with God that we will find our peace and our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. This week we are invited to move our focus from the external world to the inner space within where we are eternally connected to Love. Recognizing that Love is our deepest desire, God is our deepest desire, sets us free. Will you choose freedom?