• 3 March – Healing Your Relationship With Guru

    About Have you ever experienced upsets with your guru? Do you want to experience the fullness of the love that is available to you in the guru-student relationship? In this sermon, Executive Ministers of Union Jason and Chrissy share how to heal [...]

  • 25 February – Embody Your True Divine Identity

    About Do you sometimes feel held back by old choices? Let’s explore how to let go of the old version of yourself and liberate you from the weight of the past! The ego isn’t something against us that we need to [...]

  • 18 February – Learn How To Be Your True Divine Self And Shine Into The World

    About Do you want to feel more at ease in your physical body? Let’s explore how to heal your relationship with your body. Our relationship with our physical body is a dimension of our lives that we can heal with the Teachings [...]


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