• 22 May – Twin Flames: Going Deeper In Oneness

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. Does your heart feel the deep desire of oneness with your Twin Flame on every level of your being? If so, this sermon will bring you everything you need to know to deepen your Union and [...]

  • 15 May – What Truly Is Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. Choosing to be with your Twin Flame is the first step, but what is a spiritual marriage, how does it really feel and how do we achieve it? If you would like to find out more, [...]

  • 8 May – How Do You Serve God In Your Life?

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. For those of us actively healing and living a spiritual life, nurturing our relationship with God is fundamental to our Ascension. But, have you ever wondered whether your actions are truly serving God, or not? This [...]


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