• 22 January – The Beautiful Process of Attainment And Success

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. What does success mean to you? What do you fiercely desire to achieve in your life? Are you ready to surrender and see miracles? Let’s follow the path of ascension and live a life of spiritual [...]

  • 15 January – See Yourself As God’s Divine Child

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. What does it mean for you to be God’s divine child? Let’s explore our Divinity and dissolve any fears we have around being who we truly are, as both children of God and Unionists. Our spiritual [...]

  • 8 January – Letting Go Of Blame And Projection

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. Do you sometimes blame others or your Twin Flame for the way you feel or for what emerges in your life? Did you know that you always have the power to restore peace within yourself? [...]


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