• 25 September – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. Manifesting your desires can be hit and miss depending upon your understanding of the process. Co-creating with God is powerful and always brings fulfillment. If you want to find out how to create the life you [...]

  • 18 September – Romance God Through Your Life

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. Do you desire the deepest most fulfilling romance possible? Are you willing to invest all of yourself into Love Itself to reap the greatest rewards imaginable? If your heart answered “Yes!” then you are in the [...]

  • 11 September – The Fastest Way To Heal Upsets

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. Whether you are new to healing, or even if you’ve been on your Ascension journey for some time, you will want to know how to heal upsets the fastest way. Everyone can benefit from this week’s [...]


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