• What is the Apocalypse?

    Apocalypse is derived from a Greek word meaning "uncovering" or "take the cover off." It is not, as many interpret it, "complete and utter annihilation of all things man made." Apocalypse evokes images of expending everything you have in order to survive a violent [...]

  • 19 June – Is It Love Or Attachment?

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. Many of us are attached to believing that something outside of us is the source of love, status or belonging for us. Often, we will find ourselves bound to people, places and situations even when it [...]

  • 12 June – How To Have True Confidence

    About Welcome to this Sunday Service. We have all experienced the heavy feelings of uncertainty and faithlessness but this is not what we were created to experience. Have you ever wondered what it takes to truly feel confident? How would you like [...]


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