• July 14 – Upheaval, A Part Of Your Ascension Journey

    About Do you know what upheaval means on your spiritual journey? What do you do to take care of yourself when you are in upheaval? Ascension means that we are growing and we are connecting with our divinity. As we are coming [...]

  • July 7 – Let’s Dive Into The False Twin Flame Dynamic

    About Does your Twin Flame help and support you moving through your challenges? Does your Twin Flame reflect your healing work? Is your Twin Flame ready to go deeper into peace with you? Let’s explore the false Twin Flame dynamic. Sometimes, we [...]

  • June 30 – How To Cultivate Your Relationship With God

    About Let’s have a deep dive into your relationship with God! We are used to seeing God as a father and tend to project the relationships we might have with the father figures in our lives onto the Divine. The Teachings of [...]


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