Do you sometimes feel that something within seems to have power over you? Do you want to end the cycle of suffering that you observe in your lineage? Let’s explore how you can heal from childhood trauma and reparent yourself!

Living our everyday life brings back to the surface old patterns that we are mostly unconscious about. It is essential to recognize these patterns in order to take the responsibility of healing them and regain power over our lives.

The Teachings of Union offer us the perfect tool to identify the space where we lacked love, attention, and guidance during our early years in life. The Mirror Exercise allows us to spread love in these places where we need it most, so that we can finally feel and live as fulfilled adults. We have direct access to what we lacked the most in as children, teenagers, and young adults. We also have the power to heal ourselves, to provide for ourselves, to end the cycle of suffering within, so that we can walk proudly towards a happy and fulfilling life.