Welcome to this Sunday Service.

What will you do when you come into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame?

How does it feel to imagine a world full of Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, where everyone is cultivating peace, love for God, and Oneness all over the planet?

Twin Flames were created as One in order to serve a Purpose. When Twin Flames come together, there is a lot of energy that wants to be channeled through their Life Purpose, which is to share Harmonious Twin Flame Union with the world in the aim of creating Heaven on Earth.

Their Life Purpose can take the form of being spiritual teachers, or simply embodying the love for God, themselves and one another that they experience everyday by applying the Teachings of Union.

There is truly no separation between one’s Twin Flame Union and Life Purpose.

God gave you the gift of being created with your perfect counterpart. It’s essential to honor the gift God gave you by sharing it with the world in any shape or form, in order to live and expand Heaven on Earth.