Welcome to this Sunday Service.

It’s Christmas time! Let’s revisit the story of Jesus’ birth and reflect on what led humanity up to Jesus coming into the world.

In the perspective of humanity as a collective, as a vibrational whole, Jesus’ existence is a gift from God to us. It is a breakthrough. This means that we have been working and evolving as a collective to raise our vibration and that we were ready to receive God’s gift.

In the light of the Teachings of Union, the stories told in the Bible can be considered as individual trajectories of ascension, made of challenges and breakthroughs that put together have prepared the way for Jesus. So, Christmas is the moment to celebrate that success as a part of the human community, but it’s also the moment to reflect on where we are right now. On how we are currently occupied to ascend spiritually and purify the collective consciousness. We are all preparing upcoming breakthroughs on our ascension journey as humanity, as One.