Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Manifesting your desires can be hit and miss depending upon your understanding of the process. Co-creating with God is powerful and always brings fulfillment. If you want to find out how to create the life you really desire, then tune in to this week’s sermon!

Discovering the different aspects of your consciousness which work together to create in your life helps you to avoid the common pitfalls of the manifestation process. When you learn how to use your mind effectively as a tool and focus on listening to your heart to guide you, you will always be successful. Applying the Teachings of Union and healing to release the fearful parts of consciousness, allows you to align easily with your Divine good and brings greater ease into the process. This is how you can fine tune your co-creation skills into a Divine artform. It is only when you nourish yourself with love, faith and joy that this is exactly what you will manifest. God will always be present to guide you, so learn to listen to your intuition and look within for everything. Don’t be afraid. Faith is your fortune.