Welcome to this Sunday Service.

What sort of foundation is your life built upon? Is it truly authentic and honest or are you trying to please others and fit in with society’s expectations? What does it take to examine the truth of who we really are to build a connection with Love that can last an eternity. Join us this week to find out more!

When we know ourselves and how we operate, we can honor ourselves fully. In turn, this helps us to recognize our Twin Flame and to honor our Union too. But what does it take to get to know who we really are and how we were created to be? How can we shed the programming of society and the patterns we inherited where we tried to fit in with family and those around us? The Teachings of Union provide everything we need to shift out of inauthenticity and into the life and expression that feels good to us. Learning how to love ourselves in the places within where we became something other than who we are to be accepted is what transforms our reality. This week it’s time to release ourselves from all the expectations and restraints of everything we thought we should be so that we can experience true love and true freedom.