Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Have you ever stopped to think about the belief systems your life is built upon? Do these beliefs really serve you? Or are they actually keeping you away from the connection and freedom that you desire? This week we go deeper into what Union really means and the complete liberation it brings us.

We have usually been told to seek freedom outside of ourselves, while the origin of our true freedom is actually within. Taking the path of spiritual awakening, is a journey of self-discovery where we uncover deep belief systems that create separation from our true essence, and influence our lives and choices. Once we make the choice to stop suffering and to heal the illusion of separation, God brings up into our consciousness these thoughts and belief systems to be uprooted and dissolved. By applying the Mirror Exercise, we can remove them, heal within, and get closer to our true Divine Self and Union. It is safe to let go of all these old patterns that don’t serve us anymore, and to set us free from what we have been taught and what we once believed was true and safe. The Teachings of Union guide us out of separation and into Union where we find the true love and freedom that is our birthright.