Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Are you hard on yourself in the hope that it brings you results? How do you talk to yourself? Are you kind, or are you judging yourself as you’re learning new skills and grounding into them? What do you think about letting love and compassion be your spiritual guides and teachers? Join us this week to find out more!

We have been taught that learning is a tough and painful process, and that the more we suffer, the better and faster we learn. Once we walk the path of spiritual awakening guided by the Teachings of Union and with the Mirror Exercise, we progressively feel love within, instead of fear. We realize that being compassionate and loving with ourselves is a much more pleasant and efficient way to learn and grow. We are able to see the true loving Nature of God who doesn’t want us to suffer, nor guide us from a place of fear. The Teachings of Union provide everything we need to unlearn the pattern of growing through pain and punishment, and to cultivate a safe and loving environment within ourselves and for ourselves in order to let flourish our true Divine Self.