Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Is there a way to feel joyful and expansive every day as you work and earn your living? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Check out this week’s sermon to find out how to live the best and most abundant life possible!

With so much of our time taken up earning a living, sometimes we come home just needing to rest. But what if we could invest our time and energy into activities which fill us with joy and meaning? What a difference that would make! The sermon this week takes us on a journey of discovery to understand the difference between an ordinary job and the Life Purpose of a spiritual student. As always, with the Teachings of Union as our guide, we are shown that living our purpose is what helps us feel alive and vital. When we understand that we are here to love, we can focus on strengthening our foundation within ourselves so that the quality of the love we give grows and deepens. Aligning to your true purpose is what will ultimately bring you the most joy and abundance. Are you ready to begin?