Welcome to this Sunday Service.

So many of us feel drained, depleted and burnt out on a regular basis as we try to meet the demands of life and those around us. But what if there was another way? What if you could feel energized, invigorated and full of life every single day? Let us show you the way in this week’s sermon!

As co-Creators, with God, of our own reality, it is very important to pause and give ourselves time to consider whether our lives are feeling balanced and are thriving in a way that feels good to us. Do you feel your life is giving to you? Or, like so many of us, feel that life seems to take a lot and leave you feeling depleted. If so, then it’s time to apply the Teachings of Union. Your life is about you and your happiness! You deserve to give yourself all the attention that you need and fill your own cup first, because only then can you truly show up for others. Your body and your heart know exactly what you need. We invite you to take time today to listen to those needs and give yourself the long awaited attention you desire.